A thoughtful read of a Christ who is present and approachable in our daily lives. It's easy to read with a pondering and deliberate style of drawing forth images to aid in our reflection on the Laughing Christ, the Teaching Christ, The Angry Christ, the Healing Christ, the Servant Christ, the Dying Christ, the Risen Christ, and the Loving Christ. ​ It's the perfect book for churches, Christian book clubs, ministries, schools, and all who wish to better understand Jesus.

Study Guide

This study guide is for churches, book clubs, and others who want to study and discuss the author's book, See This Christ, and more deeply understand their own personal encounters with Christ and his people. Be sure to pick up the book, since this study guide is intended to supplement it.The main book consists of eight chapters. This study guide is likewise organized for an eight-week discussion group, following the book, chapter by chapter. It’s meant to help readers understand the role of Christ intoday’s world and in their daily lives. It looks at the many sides of Jesus and helps us relate his life to our own.To get the most out of this study guide, the author suggests you read the entire book first, and then go back and read each chapter, as you work through this study guide. Answer the questions on your own, and then discuss in a group your answers. And listen with an open heart to the views of the others in your group.Discussion at this level is best held in groups of from four to eight, so if you have a large group, you may want to form breakout groups and then have each group summarize their discussions for the entire group. You can switch the breakout groups for each lesson, affording each member of the larger group a wide array of thoughtsand insights.You can also use this guide for your own personal study.

Linda Lysakowski’s See This Christ is a wonderful sequel to her earlier book,The Face of Jesus. Through each of the reflections, I found myself seeing, and even more importantly encountering, Jesus in new and even surprising ways. I hope you will find it helpful as I did, not only for your reflection, but for your prayer.

—Fr. Ron Zanoni, Pastor, St Andrew Catholic Community

I love that Linda starts See This Christ with a chapter called “The Laughing Christ” because it reminds me of so many times that Linda and I, having worked together for years and years, have cracked each other up even when talking about weighty spiritual things. Looking back, I have no doubt that Christ was right there with us, cracking up, too. And this is just one facet of Christ so masterfully revealed by my friend in this remarkable book.

—Stephen C. Nill, JD, CEO of CharityChannel

See This Christ is a thoughtful, pensive read of a Christ who is present and approachable in our daily lives. Linda's work makes for an easy sharing with a pondering and deliberate style of drawingforth images to aid in our reflection.

--Sister Janet Ackerman, OP

Very Sweet and earnest! Touches on truths often lost in the complicated Christian religion.

--Justin Bortz

The book is based on a poem written by the author more than four decades ago:

See This Christ

See this Christ who is laughing, and dancing with the children in the streets.

See this Christ who is teaching, and longing for all people to be free.

See this Christ who is angry at the way we have denied our Creator’s love.

See this Christ who is touching, healing broken bodies, broken souls.

See this Christ who kneels before you washing feet of sinful people.

See this Christwho hangs here bleeding, weeping, dying for your sins.

See this Christ in all His glory, risen now triumphantly.

See this Christ who loves you, and wants you to be with Him every day.

Yes, he wants you to be with Him in all ways.

Every day.