Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

Hello fundraisers, nonprofit executives and board members, and fellow learners. I want to help you with all your fundraising needs. So I can learn more about you and your concerns, please fill out my brief questionnaire, and I will send you some solutions to your needs.

But first, let me introduce myself so you can learn more about me. At about the age of about ten, I started writing short stories, so I guess I always loved to write. Seven decades later, I am proud to say I am an accomplished (and more importantly, published) author, having had more than thirty books published. Read more about my nonprofit books, and how they can help you find the answers you need. And check out Articles by Linda.

Although I never thought I’d be a teacher, I’ve come to love helping people gain the knowledge they need to succeed. I’m proud to say I’ve trained more than 50,000 development professionals in Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Bermuda, and most of the fifty states in the US, in addition to leading hundreds of virtual training programs with a worldwide audience. I am especially proud of my comprehensive Online Courses, which provide you with an easy and affordable way you learn the skills you need. Check them out on the Courses by Linda page.

Why am I the one to help you? I am one of slightly more than 100 professionals worldwide to hold the Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive designation. In my thirty-plus years as a philanthropic consultant, I have managed capital campaigns that have raised more than $50,000,000, helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations achieve their development goals,

I am a graduate of Alvernia University, with majors in banking and finance and theology/philosophy, and a minor in communications. I am also a Master Teacher, graduating from AFP’s Faculty Training Academy. I served on the Association of Fundraising Philanthropy (AFP) Foundation for Philanthropy Board and the Professional Advancement Division for AFP. I am a past president of the Eastern Pennsylvania and Sierra (Nevada) AFP chapters. I received the Outstanding Fundraiser of the Year award from the Eastern Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, and Sierra (Nevada) chapters of AFP, was honored with the Barbara Marion Award for Outstanding Service to AFP and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Las Vegas AFP chapter.

While my consulting practice is limited because of my active teaching and writing career, I take on a limited number of clients each year and offer coaching services.


I am happy to say that today our organization has continued to grow, and I give much of the credit for that growth to the tremendous support Linda provided at that key time in our organizational life. I do want to add, that it was not just the professionalism and knowledge that Linda brought to the effort which was so special, it was the personal attention to detail and support that she provided – she became a teacher, mentor and friend and instilled a level of trust in everyone that ensured the near term and long term success of our work together and beyond.

-MAYA K.VAN ROSSUM, the Delaware Riverkeeper

Listen closely to Linda. She knows nonprofits because she’s worked in, and with, thousands from all over the globe. She’s ready to help. Just ask. Linda’s one of the most approachable “fundraising gurus” you’ll meet. Linda pulls from her experience with thousands of nonprofits from all over the world to solve the most important problem in front of her – yours.

-Matt Hugg, President & Founder, Nonprofit.Courses

I have had the good fortune to know Linda Lysakowski for over 15 years. Linda is a great resource and mentor with extensive experience in capital campaigns, organizational effectiveness, fundraising and overall offers comprehensive services to any nonprofits needs. Her speaking engagement at the North Dakota AFP conference provided encouragement and energy to those who attended. Linda's depth of knowledge, insight, leadership and compassion for the nonprofit sector exemplifies Linda's character and spirit as an invaluable resource and a leading consultant to nonprofit organizations and leaders today.

Denise Layman, St Mary’s University

“Over the past several years at its annual statewide conferences, Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence has been fortunate to offer workshops presented by a well-known author, Linda Lysakowski. She is one of slightly more than 100 professionals worldwide to hold the Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive designation. Not only is she an author, a speaker, but also a consultant that I have known for almost 20 years. Her depth of knowledge on fundraising and nonprofit boards of directors rises her above the crowd. What makes her unique along with her breadth of knowledge, she has the experience to assist nonprofit organizations that are struggling with building their capacity and sustainability with practical tips to meet immediate concerns followed by long-term strategies for the organization to meet its goals.”

Judy Henderson, M.Ed. Mgt., Training Coordinator, NCEDSV

Linda has been an integral part of our strategic planning effort for nearly three years, both as a consultant and a mentor to our Board and our National Atomic Testing Museum staff. During that time, she has worked closely with both the Foundation’s Trustees and the Museum’s subject matter experts to assist us in forging an overall strategic direction and framework, as well as a detailed implementation plan. She quickly absorbed the fundamental history and mission of the Foundation, which is technically complex, and has become one of our most loyal and dedicated members. Linda relies heavily on “shared learning” in her consulting role, assuring that her clients understand process fundamentals. She also engages all staff members in the task, thereby assuring their ownership in the process. When we need specialized expertise in accomplishing our tasks, she reaches out to her network and brings those subject matter experts to us. Her profound knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to excellence has resulted in more than a product – thanks to her, we have an embedded organizational process that involves all members in forging our path for future success.

-Linda Smith, President, Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation

Linda knows fundraising inside and out. She shares great strategies and included suggestions for how to implement within your organizations. Tips that can be put in to place the first day back in the office. Linda's corporate giving presentation gave me the ideas, tips, and direction to craft a new strategy for my organization. By creating a unique stewardship plan, we had donors increase their support, sponsoring additional events and increase overall engagement with the organization. A win-win for all of us.

Steve Titlebaum, Consultant, Fundraiser with 20+ years’ experience

Linda provided us with positive energy and clear communication. She has excellent fundraising professional experience, both over the long term and keeping up to date on recent trend

Kirk Friederich, Chief Strategy Officer at No Means No Worldwide