I hesitated writing this book because it may seem presumptuous to put thoughts into the mind of Jesus; but these words I write are the results of my prayerful conversations with Jesus. We each, in our own way, converse with him—if we listen. These are simply the thoughts I have on how Jesus may have felt during his final hours. Your thoughts and imaginings may be very different from mine. I invite you to open your heart, your mind, and your imagination to see what words and feelings he speaks to you. He may speak to you in very different ways, about different aspects of your life, about his love for you. Do not be afraid to listen to the thoughts and feelings he shares with you. A very wise spiritual guide told me that while the gospels tell us of Jesus’ actions and his words, they do not tell of us of his feelings. Perhaps this is for a reason. Perhaps even his closest friends didn’t know his feelings. No matter how well we know someone, we may never know their innermost feelings. But the more we know someone, the more we can sense their unspoken feelings. I believe that Jesus shares his feelings with us on a personal level if we get to know him and if we listen closely.

What Readers are Saying:

It is my intent that this book will help you to recognize the thorns humankind inflicted on Jesus and still inflict on each other today. And I hope that reading this book will help you remove the thorns you may have inflicted on yourself or others and do your part to remove the thorns of our global society.